Friday, July 1, 2011

A complete set of bones!

This morning, Jon and I brought everything down to the yurt that we could haul ourselves, with the tractor's help, of course.We got everything we'll need for the skeleton of the yurt except for the extra-heavy side wall lattice. We decided to wait for a few more people to come and help us lift that into the trailer.
Here is the shingle mill, where Dick has been super sweetly letting us store the parts of the yurt we wanted to keep dry. Can you see that roll on the ground to the left? That's our sidewalls- the whole thing! And our propane fridge is to the right.
Meg arrived just in time for a tiny rain storm, and after waiting it out we wasted no time in getting the lattice down to the yurt.
We stretched it out along the perimeter...
(Look! It's really happening!)
And measured to make sure it was the same height all the way around. This was the fussy part, because you need to pull some parts of the lattice apart more, and push others together more in order to get it perfect- but when you move any of it, lots of the rest likes to follow.
After getting the height just right, we attached the lattice to the door on either side.
DJ and Kathy arrived just in time to help us string the tension cable around the top of the lattice.
And then we were ready for the roof beams! Jon and DJ held the center ring up on top of the scaffolding and we started with two beams attached and then placed the third.
We then quickly added one between each of those so that we had 6 in all, attaching each one with its peg into the center ring, and its notch on the tension cable.We kept adding beams in the middle, and soon enough we were done!
Jon and DJ thought that we should hang off of the completed ring to prove its strength- at least they were above the scaffolding!
A screw was placed in the bottom of each beam to keep it from being able to slide off the cable...
And we strung another cable near the top to ensure that the beams stay in the right place.
Isn't it purty?
We enjoyed some celebratory beer,
and then covered the few things we were leaving inside, just in case it rains tonight.
And we packed up and headed back to the house for dinner...
Here's our home, with its skeleton complete! Stay tuned for more tomorrow... it's going to be a big day!

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  1. Such fun to see the bones rise up! Yurt architecture really is exquisite in its beauty. In so many aspects of modern life, we tend to concern ourselves only with's particularly satisfying, therefore, to plant ourselves firmly on the earth and build: bone on bone first, then sinews, then skin.