Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have you noticed...?

The jellybean ticks that fly off of Jake as he runs through the door...  How can their bodies expand so much?  It's crazy!  This one landed on the floor upside-down and couldn't get up at all until I turned him to snap this shot.
 I've been loving the frosty mornings we're having.  Have you looked closely at the frost?  It's so beautiful!
 Frozen raindrops from the previous night:
 And more perfectly-edged sparkly delights:
 including vetch,
 and yarrow...
 Our windows had this 3-dimensional star... it's hard to see that it's poking out at you, but it is!
Every blade of grass was covered...
 and garden foliage too...
 The turkeys came by to eat crabapples and pebbles from the driveway...
 And then yesterday morning we had our first little hoar frost!
 It made me so excited that I couldn't stop myself... each thing was its own natural wonder to behold!
 Even our front door...
 the solar panel...
 and more leaves and grasses... aren't they stunning?
I love looking at footprints in the snow.  The wild turkeys have big feet, don't they?
 Our own turkeys are getting pretty big too... soon many of them will be joining the lambs in the freezer.
But for now they're here and as sweet and curious as ever.  Yesterday Merry and Isla came up for a few hours and we stopped in to visit the turkeys- one of Isla's favorite activities.  We fed the them leaves from the lawn, which made Isla laugh.  Her laugh made the male turkeys gobble reflexively.  This made her laugh harder, so the turkeys gobbled more, and the whole game continued... it was so funny!  I wish you could have been here to see it.  We couldn't stop laughing!