Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creating a Yome

On Sunday and Monday we headed up to Readfield to help DJ and Kathy start building a platform for their yome. What is a yome, you ask? It's a cross between a yurt and a geodesic dome. Theirs is 19 feet in diameter, has 8 sides, and is made of a series of triangular canvas panels. It's quite cute.The weekend was full of fun and natural wonders. This was a rather large exoskeleton of some hatched creature who left it behind on a tree trunk near the water. Who did he become, I wonder?
A parasol in case of rain? Jon found this on the lawn.
The yome platform consists of 8 identical triangles fixed together, so the platform is held up on 9 piers- one at each of the 8 corners, and a big 'ole one in the middle. We started by clearing the dense forest site they had chosen, and then went to work measuring out where their posts would be, marking them with pegs.
You remember this drill, right? A whole day of digging... I have to say that we had a much easier time digging our yurt holes in the field than we did digging these forest holes. We had to pull out tree stumps and giant rocks... it was a good adventure!
Two painted turtles spent the weekend being surprised by us as we accidentally interrupted their attempts to lay eggs in the driveway. We were trying to give them a wide birth during all of our comings and goings, but we still managed to scare them away a number of times.
Hopefully they found a nice, sandy, peaceful place to bury them. How cute would it be to see them all hatch in a few months? They must be so tiny!

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