Sunday, July 24, 2011

A place for organic matter, finally!

So, I've been working on these compost bins for weeks! Not because they take forever, but because I get distracted easily. But today Sasha came to visit (yay! Do you remember her from Mama Roja? She lives here in Scarborough, not too far away, and gosh it's such a blessing to have her nearby!) and it motivated me to finish this project that I have been putting off.
So, we hemmed and we hawed, and we hammered and we sawed...
and by the time Sash had to leave, it looked like this- pretty good, huh?
Jon helped me cut some old pieces of roofing with tin snips... and I did a bang-up job getting it all nailed into place (literally)...
So, now we have a dry (enough) place to store the organic matter we'll use for our composting toilet and our compost bins! We'll fill it with bags of sawdust, decaying leaves, grass clippings, etc. Any organic plant matter will do for the compost system. We'll probably just use sawdust for the composting toilet inside the house. Luckily there are plenty of lumber mills around with all the sawdust we could need!
And do you see the finished Nearing-style compost bin to the right? I will put the next one to the left of the dry matter storage area, but we likely won't need it for a year or two. For now, we'll be using the one on the right, filling it first 1/3 full of organic matter, and then digging holes in the middle to dump our humanure buckets and compost into (being sure to keep it level as we go). We can add more sticks as needed to make it taller as our pile grows!

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