Thursday, July 7, 2011

One part lasagna, three parts fun (and a little hard work too)

There were little chandeliers everywhere when I woke up this morning.
Even the spider homes were decorated for a party...
It has been SO hot here, so I decided to get to work early. I started by cutting down the comfrey patch...
The leaves were piled into the old wooden wheelbarrow...
and together we walked down to the yurt.
I started by chopping the comfrey with the machete and leaving it to wilt a bit in the sun (though that's not necessary)...
I began by laying out some thick layers of wet cardboard and newspaper.
and covered them with a layer of peat moss.
This was followed by a number of loads of old decaying leaves from the leaf pile,
and the chopped comfrey.
Next, more peat moss, followed by a layer of leaf soil (from the underneath of the leaf pile), and a thick layer of hay.
Ta da! Is it what you had imagined?
I know it doesn't look like much now, but this "lasagna garden" (named this because of the many layers of mulch it is made with, like a pan of lasagna) is going to make its own lovely soil over the next bunch of weeks (you want about 4 parts brown matter to 1 part green). And the best part? You can plant in it the same day you make it! Just dig down through the layers, put your plants in, and scoop the mulch back around them. As the mulch decomposes into lovely, thick black soil it just does it around the plants. Or at least that's what the book says... I'll let you know how it goes!

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