Tuesday, July 26, 2011

off the beaten path

Jon said to me last night: "I feel like we don't ever do anything fun."

What? Oh no! We can't have that. While our days have been fulfilling in their own right, we've been working so diligently doing yurt-related projects that we have forgotten to change it up occasionally and to make sure we're also taking in the wonders of nature that we love so much... we needed a change of scenery!
So, we decided to go canoeing today. We headed off to the Royal River where it flows under Penney Road in New Gloucester...
and this made him SO happy!
It was so quiet, just the sounds of the wind in the trees, nearby birds, and our paddles on the water.
Gliding by lots of wildlife (and jumping out occasionally to transport the canoe over fallen logs that blocked our way through)...
The arrow plant leaves were perfectly pointy, and they were blooming, just for us (and for you, mum).
We stopped a lot to check things out...
And we were silent enough that a great blue heron flew just over our heads on his way upstream. And a belted kingfisher carved his darting path in the air overhead and beside us.
A couple hours later we landed at our destination under the Intervale Road by Pineland Farms. Jon grabbed the bike out of the canoe and pedaled the few miles back to grab the car.We think the next leg of our canoe trip will start here... (can you see the canoe between the pillars?) we had so much fun that we plan to go often. Eventually we hope to make our way all the way down river to the ocean!

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