Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our New Breakfast Nook

John Bolton came to see the yurt yesterday, and put a bug in our ear about the 'next project'. We ambitiously decided that today was the day we would do something grand.(I love seeing this big swath of garlic drying in the sun! Some for the farm stand, and lots for us at home.)
Our faithful companion: the Farmall Cub, who helped to haul the parts we would need out to the site.
Oh goodness... so we got out the beams first, and measured to determine where we would need to dig.
We decided on a very moderate six holes instead of the previously planned upon (and unnecessary) eight.
We dug the holes, filled them with gravel, set and leveled our piers, cut our 4x4's to be level, and screwed in our beams. And it worked like a charm!
We decided to make our little porch off-set from the door. This will allow us easy access to the inside when we're carrying water etc, which will be nice. It will also give us a spot (that's not in front of the door) to sit and eat our breakfast in the morning shade, which we're looking forward to!
A few last finishing touches...
(and some punchiness after a full day in the hot sun...)
and we were done!
The bonus? It's a whole lot easier to get into the yurt now, which will be nice the next time you come for a visit!

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