Wednesday, June 29, 2011

compost bins like the Nearings

Because there really isn't anything we can do for the yurt today, I decided to make our humanure compost bins. We'll need two, and a space for dry(ish) organic matter between them. Kathy made some great ones in the style of Scott and Helen Nearing, and we have a bit of pine forest to tidy, so I went to work. A bunch of hours and two blisters later, it looks like this:
I know it might not seem that impressive, but I actually have cut four longer 75-inch posts for the corners, and 30 shorter 50-inch posts for the bin sides. I will need 60 of these for each bin though... so I'm a quarter of the way there. It's a good start! And it was a really nice way to be outside on this gorgeous day without being way too hot.

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