Monday, June 27, 2011

the forever floor

Meet John and Jon:
They keep me laughing with their antics and comments...
John was so sweet to come help us AGAIN this weekend. Jon and I had been working on the floor steadily (on the dry days) since last weekend and almost had finished the first... ahem... half. I swear we were working on it... it just takes so dang long to fit all those twisty boards back into place!
Given that it took us a week to get almost halfway done, I hope you will be as impressed as we were that the three of us were able to finish it all up yesterday just in time for dinner! In only one day! Woah.
We finished the last board *just* in time for dinner, and had a great family gathering together around the campfire outside. I even got to make s'mores for Erin and John!

This morning I woke up all jazzed to get started...
We had high aspirations to finish raising the yurt with DJ and Kathy who had come to help us!
We knew we had to draw our 24-foot circle, so we got out the measuring tape... and discovered that our platform was too small in some places and too big in others! Uugh. I didn't plan on that!
DJ and Kathy have only been back from New Zealand for 5 days, and they are still adjusting to the time change...
but they rallied impressively. It was the most beautiful, sunny day, and remarkably hot!
After replacing the boards that were too short, we drew our circle,
and Jon brought out the generator attached to the BCS.
This enabled us to use a jigsaw to cut the perimeter of our floor. Here's DJ, hard at work.It was more work than we anticipated to actually finish the platform, but we finally had a complete circle,
ready for our weather stripping.
Careful to leave a bit more than an inch around the top, we screwed it into place. This rim will help to hold the lattice in place, and also provides a place for rain and snow melt to drip off onto the ground rather than coming into the house. And now we are done! There is literally no place to go but up!


  1. I love following your adventures on your blog! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Thanks Phoebe! Hopefully we'll have a bunch more to add after this weekend! And I didn't know YOU had a blog! I read a bunch of it last night... LOVE it! (I was particularly captivated by the coke vs. pepsi experiment.) It will be fun to follow you too!