Saturday, June 11, 2011

Look! We're waterproof!

Welcome to our house!!! It's level and everything! (Ok... well, maybe not EVERYTHING.)Today we finished digging our holes and filling them with crushed stone,
and then we made sure the piers and all of our 4x4 posts were level too, thanks to laser precision. We marked them and John Bolton cut them with the chop saw (shhh... don't tell Jon... he thinks we did it all by hand!)
We replaced them in the proper piers, double-checked our work, and screwed the skeleton of our platform together on top.
We were remarkably level-headed about the whole process...and it took a while!
But we kept at it...
and made sure to take occasional breaks for tea and cake with the Hooties
before returning to our diligent work.
We cut slats to fit between the beams and hold up our foam insulation...
and made sure to have fun along the way.
It sprinkled much of the day, but we didn't mind.
Neither did the sheepies... It turns out we're all waterproof! Who knew?
Buddy the sheep (he's the best cuddler) stuck around to keep us company while we finished putting together the skeleton, and then we headed inside for homemade pizza, thanks to Kathy. Delicious!

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