Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our foam extravaganza...!

We woke up today and continued cutting strapping to lay across the beams. It will hold the styrofoam in place against the floor so our toes don't get too cold in the winter.
While we worked to get the strapping into place, Sue and Dan brought all of the styrofoam down to the site.
It was cut so that it would fit perfectly inside the beams.
Our plan is to lay our new styrofoam first, since it fits better, and then add the older stuff that was originally used on top. Once we finished cutting everything to size and fitting it into place, we headed inside for dinner.
We even made a few new friends in the meadow... mostly ticks, but I found this caterpillar on my pant legs too. It took some convincing, but eventually he agreed that outside was a better place for him than in.
After things dry a bit, we'll be ready to lay our flooring! Perhaps next weekend...

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