Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our hearth begun and a cranberry harvest

Our wood piles are growing- we're cutting and stacking... we even have a cord stacked under tarps down by the yurt!
 Jon showed me how to cut tiles with the wet saw, which was fun...
 Not fun: wearing a respirator that reminded me of dissecting cadavers in med school.  Hello claustrophobia!
 So, I just decided not to breathe while the saw was running... it worked ok.  Thankfully our tiles weren't too big!

 And ta-da!  Here it is, in all its glory- our beautiful new hearth pad, tiles all stuck down with thinset and everything!
Next we'll make a beveled wooden frame to contain it all.  Once that's done, I can grout!
It's a beautiful fall.
 Dick, Erin, and I went to the Brownfield bog to pick cranberries on this gorgeous sunny day...
If you have never walked around a bog, it's quite an experience.  There are little floating islands made of roots, moss, and shrubs that you launch your canoe onto.  When you step out, your feet sink into the water, but mostly just above the ankles.  In the really bobby places you might sink up to your knees.
 There were lots of pitcher plants
 and many cranberries to hunt for growing amidst the moss and puckerbrush
 Together we picked about five gallons!
 and enjoyed lots of time bobbing and floating with the other plant life.  I sense cranberry chutney in our future!

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