Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Images from the farm

Jon, playing with Isla in the medicine wheel garden:
Lazy wife beans, getting toward the end of their growing season:
Older rows of spinach and lettuce, buckwheat cover crops in far back:
Checking out the pumpkins (which have completely taken over the back and side of the gardens):
Dick and the turkey lurkeys:
Kathy and her beautiful compost:
Jon and I beside our little taters from Argentina:
The "terlet" (as Kathy calls it), at home in our yurt bathroom:
Little butter bean, checkin' it all out:
Sink and tub:
Isla is cute, but she has surprisingly big feet!
Lying the the yurt with Tula, who has come for her first visit here!
And hanging out with everyone...
The someday kitchen:
The tractor ride that made Isla nervous at first:
Isla and Mer:
And Jake the kitty- Isla's favorite:

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