Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early fall in Pownal

Our girls eating grass in the morning light...
 So many beautiful sights here as fall progresses!  You can just begin to see the changing colors now!
 Apple harvest will come soon...
When we walk by the bee hives on the way to and from the house (in the morning and at night especially, when the air hangs low and there's not much breeze), you can smell the intoxicating scent of rich honey.  It's an indication that the hives are getting full!
I might literally have cucumbers coming out my ears soon!  But first, I'm going to stuff them in baskets, bowls, and jars.  Pickles abound!
 Sarah came up for our weekly visit on Friday, so what did we do?  We pickled carrots!  Of course!
Jon found this little Eastern Red Bellied snake under the wood pile... and five baby Garter snakes under the yurt!  Cuteness!
 We have started to dig the drainage ditch for the yurt.  Our friend John (who just so happens to be the best plumber in the world) is helping us to figure out the details.  Lucky us!
 First, dig a long, straight trench from just under the yurt down the hill.  Try really hard to get the bottom 20 feet to be level.  This part has taken us a few days... more to come soon!
 And we had our first frost!  I, of course ran outside in the morning (after getting warm by the fire in the house) to see if I could capture the wonder...  I got an "are you crazy?" look from Kathy just before I ran out the door...

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  1. Wow you guys!! The yurt is looking so beautiful!! Nice work. I also love that you have snakes around! :) and all the wonderful goods from garden and forest! Pretty awesome.