Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog slackers back in business!

So... we weren't so good at posting throughout August. We had too many trips away to have much yurt activity going on, but we did manage to dry 24 quarts of blueberries from Vermont in the bits of time we were home!
They became 6 quarts of delicious dried blueberries that we'll save for this winter when fresh food is sparse.
Now that we're back, the weather is cooler and I feel like my energy for getting things done has returned. We have made long to-do lists for the fall, and we're hoping to get enough done to move in within the next few weeks!

Yesterday we brought another kitchen cabinet down to the yurt, along with the driftwood flagpoles that Jon found canoeing on the pond last week.
We built up the sides of our potato patch, and secured our little plants with more dirt, both to help them grow upward rather than outward, and also to help brace them in the hurricane, which should be here by 2 according to the weather radio.

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